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Welcome to Astrology!

Astrology is so beneficial in mapping out the qualities, characteristics gifts and challenges accessible for your life’s journey. Astrology can also be a little intimidating if you do not understand how to integrate all the different aspects of your natal chart and transits.

Many people think they are just their Sun Sign, and there is so much more that tells your personal story. We have all the same planets, signs and houses. Where these are in your chart is unique to you.

Fate + Free Will = Destiny

It’s all about perspective. Having as much insight and information allows you to make powerful choices and attain the gifts and goals you desire in life. No hocus pocus! No magic! Just straight forward information and interpretations as to what is influencing your life and your environment.

The houses, planets and signs all have an influence. Even the houses that have no planets in them have an effect on how we navigate through life. Most charts do not follow the natural placement of the signs in the houses, therefore we need to bring in the sign that is influencing the house in your particular chart and blend it with the tendencies of this house’s natural sign, meaning and ruling planet.

It can be a daunting project and that is why you have astrologers to reach out to.
You do not have to do it all yourself.

My goal is to help you understand how to look at your chart. By using the Interactive Natal Chart, Astrology Tools and Astrology Basics on my website, you can begin to understand the gifts and challenges you were given at birth. You do not need to be an expert, only have a willingness to learn. I give you the tools to understand the basics and to ask better questions. Then you can begin to decipher what makes you tick. Ordering one of the many Astrology Reports or scheduling a reading allows for deeper insight into your natal chart and your transits.


Astrology Reports are a quick and fun way to receive information for yourself, your family and your relationships. They are entertaining and although they cannot give you the entire story of your life, they begin to give you a perspective of your gifts, challenges, relationships and other important areas of your life.

I offer many reports beginning with Modern Natal and Classical Natal Reports as well as Synastry Relationship Reports. Are you interested in knowing how your planets and signs influence your Money or Health and Wellbeing? Check out the Money Report and Health and Wellbeing Report that focus on these areas.

If you, or someone you know, is having a birthday soon, a Solar Returns Report will highlight the coming year’s major theme, personal matters, challenges and lessons to be learned.

The Zodiac Child Report is a wonderful gift for new parents or those with young children. This report is intended to help parents and mentors to support and encourage their children through the difficult times and to provide them with as much love and joy as possible!

If you are looking for more traditional Natal, Synastry, or Forecast (Transit) Reports, you will find additional selections at More Astrology Reports. Sample reports are included to preview.

Browse through the available reports for a fuller understanding of what each report offers. These sample reports are what you will receive with the birth information you provide.


A sample report is on each page to give you a preview of what your report will be like.


I love having many tools in my spiritual toolbox! And I love sharing some of these with you! The most exciting and most used tool is the Interactive Natal Chart. This gives you access to birth charts where you can have access to any birth chart you wish and you can mouse over the symbols to read some short interpretations of the planets, houses and signs.

Another great tool is the Daily Personalized Horoscope. The Free Daily Personalized Horoscope includes all the parameters of the natal chart. All the transits activating the chart are displayed, those formed by fast-moving planets and by slow-moving planets alike.

I often use it to bring up today’s chart at my current location to see what planetary influences are happening now. If you print your natal chart and print the current chart, you can pencil in the transiting planets and see the planets that are affecting you right now.

You will find all the tools available under the Astrology Tools below. Have fun!

Comprehensive and Interactive Natal Chart

Texts and information is displayed while hovering your mouse on the chart.


Learning the Astrology Basics can go a long way in reading your natal chart and the charts of friends and family. My goal is to give you some important information in a simple manner. The keywords and short explanations will make astrology a little easier to learn.

You will find the Astrology Basics pages split out into different areas of astrology including the Sun Signs, Houses, Planets, Elements…and more. You may click on any of the pictures below to go to each page, or choose your selection from the menu bar.

Be sure to check out the “Learn Astrology” page, accessed through the Astrology Basics menu button, as I add more articles on various areas of astrology as well as listing any upcoming seminars and classes.

Please visit my website for the Destiny Cards system. These cards are another facet of information I utilize to gain a more complete understanding of my clients. As a Nine of Clubs, my purpose is gathering the best information I can find and sharing with people like you. You will not be disappointed in the information offered at Know Your Destiny Cards.

Find your personal cards on the FREE DESTINY CARD READING APP on the home page.

See the Life Spread, Spiritual Spread and all 90 Yearly Spreads on my interactive Solar Quadration Charts. Click on a card and the card pops up with a basic interpretation. Click on an Age Spread to see where your cards are for every year of your life. This is an amazing system.
Know Your Destiny Cards


Be sure to read about your Birth Card on the Birth Cards page.

Check out the Destiny Cards and Love Cards Relationship Reports.

Reading Consultations may also be scheduled with the Destiny Cards system.



Disclaimer: The information & services offered on this website, and links to other information is for entertainment & educational purposes only. Center for True Balance accepts no liability for any adverse effects of these reports or other website content.